Michael Nelson (michaelnel)

Although at one time I was deeply into photography as a hobby (had Zone IV and Sinar 4x5 view cameras, my own 4x5 darkroom, read everything Ansel and Fred Picker wrote), I was away from photography as a hobby for quite a few years, owning a series of point & shoot digitals that I mostly just made snapshots with.

A years back I decided I wanted a DSLR, so I bought a Nikon D80 with the 18-135 kit lens. I added several more lenses, bags, Gitzo tripod, etc., and started trying to be serious about photography again.

In mid-2007 I became discouraged with my efforts at photography and sold all my Nikon gear. Bought a Canon G9 to use for snapshots.

In late July 2008 I bought a Canon EOS 40D, some lenses, and a tripod, gonna give it another go! I don't have any aspirations to become an artist or a pro, but I enjoy doing the best I can with my photography efforts. I make photographs primarily to please myself.

Since then I have owned Canon 50D, 60D, G10, G11, G12, Nikon D5100 and D7000 cameras and LOTS of lenses, tripods, and ball heads.

UPDATE: June 2012, I am now using a micro 4/3 camera, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1 and a Sirui N-2204 tripod. I have also just started shooting with an Olympus OM-D E-M5 micro 4/3 camera. I like the micro 4/3 stuff a LOT.

Update Sept 2013. Now using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 camera.